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Time Warp to Seattle
Duke Chapel Orb Passage_1
Light Roller Coaster
Seattle Stars
Dancing in Seattle Light
The Emerald City Lights
Finding Nemo
Jordan Lake Divine Orbs
Haw River Orb
Tulip of Light
Lights of Bynum Bridge
Ora of passage
Sisterly Lights Dancing on Water
Light painting is an art form that uses long exposure photography to create art through space and time with light sources.

What is Light Painting?

Light Painting Tools

There are many various lighting painting tools that can be used.  The limit is your imagination!  Below are just a couple light sources that I have used.  


White PVC pipe (that I drilled a few holes into) connected to a flashlight with a rubber universal connector. You can see the pipe actually reflects an orange color when lit with a regular flashlight and the drill holes create white streaks. 


Actual tool at work below.  The additional star burst is simply turning on a quick flash of the flash light pointed towards the camera.


The light saber (or sword) with green handle gets connected with a flashlight and a rubber universal connector to make green light sword movements.   This light saber tool was purchased from Light Painting Brushes and I highly recommend their tools to get started.

Image below is using a green light saber and orange light saber drawing a tulip then the sun streak on the side is using the white PVC pipe that I mentioned above.

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