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Light Beings
Light painting LED Trolley
Time Warp to Seattle
Duke Chapel Orb Passage
Haw River Orb
Sisterly Lights Dancing on Water
Lights of Bynum Bridge
Ora of passage
Duke Garden's Lilly pond
Haw River Swirl
Topsail Orbs
Blue Ridge Tunnel
Lights Dancing on the Water
Light painting is an art form that uses long exposure photography to create art through space and time with light sources.

What is Light Painting?

Light Painting Tools

There are many various lighting painting tools that can be used.  The limit is your imagination!  Below are just a couple of light sources that I have used.  

Homemade Tools - whirlygig orb 

Kids light toys

Light Painting Brushes Tools

Ants on a Melon


Light whip - Fireflies

By far, my favorite of all the tools besides the 'whirlygig' (made by my wonderful brother-in-law) is the Light Painting Brushes Holographic Sword and the Glitter Sticks.  I have many of the Light Painting Brushes tools and highly recommend using their products!!  Even better, they give you tutorials and have a community that is universal in sharing light!  Go check them out:

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