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Awards & Recognition

Artists' love to share their work simply for others to see the world's beauty through their eyes.  Awards and recognition confirm that others see your vision.

Audience's Choice Award

2022 Envisioning The Invisible Photo Contest
Duke University, NC

"Losing Our Way & Finding the Light"

Our North Carolina Outer Banks is well known as ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’ for its many shipwrecks.  Due to the shifting waters and many storms, the channels change and are invisible to our human eye.  Even the most experienced fishermen have lost their way in the channels.  This fishing vessel, “Oceans Pursuit” looks like an ancient ghostship, though it ran ashore in March 2020.  As many lost their way in the pandemic, I turned to light painting photography. In this image, you will find a Golden Orb created within the ship.  This single image was created by spinning a ball of light in a full circle for over a minute.  With long exposures, we can move light in the dark to create beautiful art such as these orbs and we are completely invisible in the photo. 
Camera & settings: Sony A7iii 24mm ISO 200, F5.6, 117sec


Honorable Mention

2012 Envisioning The Invisible Photo Contest
Duke University, NC

"Angel Icicles"

Angel Icicles.jpg
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