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August H. Burns

Durham, North Carolina photographer

Growing up in rural Chatham County, North Carolina, I was surrounded by nature and wildlife on the family farm. My parents taught my brothers and I to respect all things, including plants, animals, people and our planet.  From my experiences, I try to share that light and compassion in my photos.

I've been a photographer by hobby most of my life trying to capture the magnificence of light in any form from sunrises to moon rises as well as light reflected on animals, people and landscapes. Since I share this passion of capturing light, many family and friends have called upon me to take candid shots and priceless moments at reunions, events and even portraits which has led me to do more.  I love the special details that are important to capture.

My newest adventure has ignited my desire to reach into night photography and light painting using long exposures that really add a whole new dynamic of capturing light.

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Portraits, Pets, Wildlife, Special Events, & Light Painting
Capturing Light at those Special Moments

Please contact me to purchase any prints, metallic prints, cards or for photography services.  You may also send questions and comments as well.
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